What the Wherefore…

My childhood was lived across the street from a lake.  I loved the lake. I enjoyed stretching out on my belly, wet sand sticking to  my clothes and arms as I stared into the water’s edge. It was a large lake, and rather shallow,  though during those early years, I assumed that it had great depth and held many secrets. Staring at that water, the rounded stones rippling beneath the surface, the bits of greenery, always put me in an altered state, a meditative state. There was a tree on the property at the edge of the lake that had split into three large branches just a foot above its roots and that space between the branches provided an ideal “seat” to further my studies. There were lily pads and tadpoles and buzzing insects and I considered all to be quite amazing. Oh, I had been told the “God stories”, the Heaven and Hell stories and I pretty much accepted them- well sort of. You see, when you start looking around you at those marvels all around you, at the immensity of all that is, you can either shake your head and focus elsewhere, or you can continue to muddle over the big questions of why? where? how?  no REALLY,  how did it all begin? And you find yourself thinking backwards and  looking for that spark that produced the material and then getting lost in the question of that very spark’s origins. WE HAVE CONSCIOUSNESS. WE THINK. WE EXPERIENCE.  And I would stare at the lily pads and wonder how it all began – how all this could possibly “BE”.    -Mme DeFarge

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