“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in
your philosophy.” –Hamlet to Horatio

I descend from a lot of those “bloodline” families (from some many, many
times), who wound up ruling over and living in France, England, and Scotland. Ultimately, the younger sons from these families, those who would not inherit, came here to New England in the 1600s. One distant cousin was
thrown out of the Massachusetts Bay Colony for “ogling women at Sunday
Service”, but two other close cousins, both named John, left the MBC
and settled in Rhode Island with Roger Williams. One, my 8th great
grandfather, was John Greene of Quidnessett, Newport and Greene’s End.

Throughout earlier centuries, there were many younger sons. Some became
Crusaders and later on, Templars. Ancestor Alan de La Zouche was a
benefactor of the Knights Templars, to whom he gave lands at Sibford,
and to the Belmeis family foundation of Buildwas Abbey. So I have always
been curious about the Templars, their strange religious beliefs and their
very strange habits and traditions.

I am also a “reader”. Many women collect shoes and jewelry ad nauseum but I collect books- thousands of books. Some would consider me a book hoarder, but I don’t just collect any book- my books are collected specifically and all are somewhat organized. I cannot stop this sort of collecting. I read
anything readable that is put in front of my face. So in my teens, at my
grandmother’s where the only things to read were ‘Reader’s Digests’, I came
across ‘that article’ on Oak Island. I still have it. Anything written about
a place loaded with that much mystery, where Templars may have trekked,
mustn’t be thrown out!

Thus, when the History Channel began showing “The Curse of Oak Island”, I
became a fan. But I saw problems from the beginning……..

“An idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little before it will explain
itself.” –Charles Dickens

I have an unusual ability. I see/feel and occasionally communicate with
Ghosts. I have sometimes been asked to get them to leave a place they are
inhabiting – Ghosts are usually very nice about this. And since Ghosts often
use electrical energies to make their presence known, I can sometimes ‘feel’
them through a television. Oak Island is loaded with both Ghosts and several Demons, and this is one of the reasons that the group working there have had so much trouble achieving their goals.

Many Ghosts are unaware that they have passed. A really good medium (such as England’s Eamonn Downey) could probably get information from them that would be helpful to the Oak Island “Gang’s” activities, especially from those who have died while working on the island, either hiding or searching for treasure.

But Demons are a different sort of entity. They can and do wreak harm and
havoc. I suspect they have done much to hold the Oak Island Gang back. You must make them feel that it is to their advantage to leave you alone-
but this can take time which they usually do not allow. An exorcist
often is needed to deal with them.

Apparently, the Oak Island “Gang” are aware of the paranormal events that
take place. But they obviously do not know how to handle them. I believe
it was Nolan who spoke of a huge fireball floating from the ocean over to
the island where it disappeared (for the record, I saw that as coming
from another timeline and then disappearing back into itself). There has
been talk of a snarling dog with fire red eyes, a hairy monster also
sporting those nasty eyes and a floating black mass that appears to
threaten and then dissipates. I dealt with a mass like that once- my
oversized lab was terrified, but I knew I had to control my own fear
if I were to eject it. It took a full five minutes of serious focus
to nullify the “thing”, much longer than casting out a simple ghost.

The Oak Islanders also speak of spooky lights (entities) and
equipment that suddenly won’t work (common in hauntings). In one of
the shows, Matty (their producer?) appeared to feign fear (at least
I hope he was faking it because he appeared quite silly overreacting
to so little activity) while investigating several high energy places.
And Matty, you should ask the same question several times and leave
more than the few seconds you did, for reply. The Paranormal Society
brought in was just too large (too great a mix of frequencies) to get
clear answers.

“Old habits die hard.” –Anonymous

Then there is that second problem the “Gang” face. I apologize (not
really!) for sounding like a female chauvinist here, but all political
correctness aside (as it always should be), I believe that there are
a great many differences between the sexes. One difference is that
males cannot, cannot find things. Women can.

If I ask a male to bring me the bar of soap that is in the cabinet
underneath the kitchen sink, he will politely go to the sink, bend
down, open the cabinet doors, stare at the soap and NOT SEE IT. A
female asked to do the same thing will go to the sink, bend down, open
the cabinet doors, reach in and bring out the soap, with barely a glance
downward. I believe this is caused by a difference in male/female
genetics – some little part missing in the male brain. If you have
doubts, do the experiment yourselves. Odds-on, women will testify
in agreement with me. Men, in setting such an experiment up, will likely
forget to place the soap in the cabinet…..

So when I watched the show and saw yards of assorted “stuff” (mostly dirt)
being dumped on a large screened table where it was washed over with water to clean away much of that dirt, AND THEN when I watched 3 or 4 MEN going through the remains to search out anything of importance, I was stunned! MEN were doing the searching —MALE MEN! Put a couple of women there and they will find double, no — triple — no (let’s face truth here) MUCH, MUCH more than those men will ever find. I suspect there are local women who could be hired and if they have gardens and love to get their hands in muck — well they will likely shame the “Gang”.

So while I wish the Gang the best of luck in their efforts, I expect to see
another season of delays and mixed results, as the island Demons dream up new blockages for the Gang to surmount and as these Demons entertain themselves roaring in laughter over those efforts which result in frustration and setbacks. And the Ghosts? They will no doubt sigh in exasperation and wonder why these men simply CANNOT FIND what these Ghosts likely consider obvious.



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