up and down and sideways…

“In commitment we dash the hopes of a thousand potential selves.”
— Lord Byron

There is that theory of parallel universes- that there are many, many
timelines running alongside of ours and we exist in many or in all of these
in perhaps a similar fashion or a totally different fashion than we do here.
Our choices, our emotions or our experiences allow us to remain in only one timeline or in many or to move about, jumping from one to another, all the while unaware of any change. Sideways movement……

There is also that claim that we are moved upwards and downwards
within dimensions, according to the frequency level we maintain. There are no solids – all is energy – millions of types of energies, each defined by its
own frequency. And we are, each of us, a symphony of those frequencies,
inhabiting dimensions that match our frequency level. To change levels, we
must change our thoughts, our behavior, and even take care to avoid those
‘morally impaired’, who have little integrity or concern for others and who
can lower our numbers and/or pull from our energies just by being nearby.
Thus, our ‘self symphony’ changes as our ‘numbers’ go up and down.

It is also said, by many studying frequency levels, that much of mankind and the earth, itself, are about to move up through the narrow Fourth and into the Fifth Dimension. And it is said that this cannot happen until all of
those third dimensional parallel lines have joined as one and that most of
them have already morphed together. Thus we experience the so-called
“Mandela Effect”, wherein persons experiencing the “now” here, remember
slightly different or somewhat different pasts from other parallel lines.

If you remain alert and aware, you will realize those changes as you jump
from one timeline to another, and recognize the move. Sometimes the changes are subtle- something that sat on the fireplace mantel for years is missing- and no one grasps that but you. A building exists along a roadway where yesterday, there was open field. A celebrity who you remembered as dead is still performing and very much alive. And the closer we get to the closure into the one timeline, the more we will experience these jumps – the more our mental, physical and emotional selves will be affected – so much

“A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities” –J.R.R. Tolkien

I have one such dream – I believe it takes place in the 1600s, somewhere
along the mid-Atlantic shore. My name is Kate but it is pronounced “Ket”
by all in the very small town of mostly fishermen. An odd sort of English
is spoken. I am about 17 years old and a “friend” kidnaps me and sells me
to some pirates. There were many such travelling the Atlantic coastline in
those days. I am horribly abused by all on board and finally manage to take
my own life, brokenhearted that my loved ones know nothing of what happened to me and that I will never see them again. The boat? I seem to recall the name as The Lady Dragon or the Dragon Lady or some such. I can feel the motion of the boat and I can smell the filth on board along with the salt air and actually feel somewhat seasick when I think of it, which is ironic because in this life, I grew up near the ocean and love the smell of salt air. But if I so much as think of the dream, I break into tears and feel
horribly sick. I have left out the details- they are not pleasant. This
dream has been visiting me several times a year for the last few years. I
would love closure- but have not achieved same. The dream just butts in,
as it chooses. Is this a dream? Or was it a past life or a life in a
parallel timeline, or (worse) both? It does not feel at all like the
usual dream. It actually feels as though I have physically passed through
a wall into another reality– and I am there as part of that reality. I
have to be careful not to consciously, deliberately think of it, or I
find myself crossing through that ‘wall’ and experiencing the trauma all
over again. I suspect that with those parallel timelines becoming one,
that there are many having such dreams and bringing those parts of
themselves into this time and place.

Then there are the “ties”- the things that unite the various experiences
which we have together. While we experience them, they appear unrelated,
but looking back over time, they make sense as an actually linked series
of events, one connecting with the next until the information, the
lesson, is learned. Is this by plan? Whose? Are there really ‘no
mistakes’?? Is all experience really by intent? Do we draw all of our
lifetime events to us through deliberation, lack of focus or just
perhaps simple stupidity?

Some of these “ties” are not experiences but actual “things”. Some item may
manifest lifetime after lifetime or in several parallel timelines, over and
over again. Likely it has some special significance, if only you recognize
it. If we are the creators in this alleged hologram we share, we are likely
to bring similar items, experiences into all areas of our existence. The
love of purple plants in one lifetime may transform into a purple painted
room in another time. A similar cologne scent may be appreciated in
several lifetimes. A talent may be experienced in parallel realities and
developed taste in one existence may have evolved from another.

“But don’t you see that the whole trouble lies here? In words, words. Each
one of us has within him a whole world of things, each man of us his own
special world. And how can we ever come to an understanding if I put in the words I utter the sense and value of things as I see them; while you who
listen to me must inevitably translate them according to the conception of
things each one of you has within himself. We think we understand each
other, but we never really do.”
― Luigi Pirandello, Six Characters In Search of an Author

Pirandello was a prolific Italian author and playwright whose writings were
laced with psychological meaning. He believed that each of us is actually a
distinct being according to whoever we are present with at any specific
time and he believed that, of those relating to us, since each sees us very
differently – we are a different being to each. So who are we? What we
think we are? Or what we are to others? Certainly, we are likely more
complex than we realize…….

Each of us has evolved according to events affecting our
development via those parallel timelines (past and present), our
dimensional levels, our current lives, our past lives and even our cellular
ancestral memories — a lot of luggage to drag with us on that climb upward
to the Fifth – a lot of mental/emotional clutter to sort through and make
sense over. And where to begin? I presume with the loudest, the most
difficult since their removal should make the rest of that suitcase lighter
and easier to manage. So consider the ideas, the religions, the beliefs,
the dreams, the convictions, the habits and start making choices among
them– that spiral up to the Fifth is said to be close at hand.



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